Saturday, November 5, 2016

Google OS "Brillo" for IoT of what can take advantage of?

#Google is the name of the #OS "Brillo" which was developed for the #IoT, company that became a subsidiary of Armaly Brands in the United States of detergent manufacturer has registered the trademark. Still Google is the "Project Brillo" borrowed this name, was presented at the developer conference I / O in 2015. While the Brillo derived from Google's Nest acquisition based on #Android, "and stripped-down" the Android (it is derived from the called Brillo) leaving the #kernel and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). Brillo corresponds to a wide range of devices in a lightweight, built-in security measures.
Google In addition to Brillo, the communication protocol " #Weave " of IoT-oriented was also launched. Weave is a communication language between the device and the #cloud. Of both products product manager, says Han'ukku Kim, Google Brillo in the OS for IoT product, Weave is incorporated therein. That "We were #smart by being connected to any device, it depicts the initiative to secure and accessible."
Write By - Innovative Technology , Mohit RaiYani , Project Brillo

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